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The home of over-indulgence, decadence and other self-abusive freedoms
We have been away (and it wasn't on a long holiday) but we are back and to prove it we are here.
Like the water that falls on us from the skies, confusion reigns here in the
City of Dreams and Dreamers. But that is the way the Dutch authorities like it.

Like all Amsterdam coffeeshops, a couple of years ago we were advised to
remove all mention of cannabis from our shop and our web site. As we were called
the Cannabis Cafe, this presented us with a somewhat larger problem than that
faced by most of the coffeeshops. For a while we considered calling ourselves
'The Cannibals Cafe' as a kind of protest -- it being acceptable to have an establishment
apparantly promoting the harmful and life-damaging practice of eating people but not
the life-enhancing and comparatively harmless practice of smoking cannabis. But we
felt that would only add to the confusion.

As you can see we did come up with a new name (even if everyone still calls us
de Kuil) but that didn't solve the web site problem. The whole of our site had to be
taken down. But -- although we had a better reason than most -- we were not alone.
Almost all the Amsterdam coffeeshop sites disappeared from the web.

Nobody, it seems, was sure whether they could mention cannabis at all and
nobody was taking any risks. Confusion reigned as never before.

Time and tide wait for no man but they do make one feel a little braver.
So here we are having another go.

Looking for mindless stimulation?
Bored stupid by the empty pap of commercialism?
done all the good porn sites?

Time to log onto

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